Wearing engagement rings to interviews

Suzanne posted a link from Huffpo advising women not to wear engagement rings to interviews.

To which I said,

And trust me, I’ve interviewed A LOT over the past year.

And to which people replied, basically, “Don’t give other people a reason to judge you.” Although there was one HR pro that said she didn’t give a crap.

But is this really a problem?  Honestly? Or just another way to give women anxiety about how they present themselves in the workplace and filler for the HuffPo writer? But then I dug deep (aka did a 5-second Google search) and found out that other women  are crazy and insecure, too.

But then I found this comment:

and it made me wonder. Do men really look at women this way sometimes? Do women look at women this way sometimes?

The world sucks, man.