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Best way to read the liveblog is to open it in a new browser tab and refresh every so often.  Let me know if it’s working with a quick comment.  You can also leave comments on the liveblog. It’s more fun that way!





34 thoughts on “Russian Dolls Premiere Liveblog

  1. It’s likely racecar furniture.  by the way, did I show you that our couch has a cupholder?  seriously.  there’s a fold down center armrest with two cupholders.  #RussianFurniture

  2. Well, hubby is sucked in and now is wondering about where they buy their lipstick. Because I wear lipstick…. Never!

    “woman has to be woman”?! Not according to my upbringing!

  3. “Woman has to be mysterious, always looking immaculate, a great cook, and a good housewife.” My mom. Speaking of high expectations and unrealistic perceptions

  4. “But I feel nerd computer engineers are SORELY UNDERREPRESENTED” Holla!

    quote my husband “this is BETTER than watching the show” 

    Vicky this was an absolutely brilliant idea.  

  5. My husband is now singing “I believe in makeover, I believe in face lift” (to the tune of “I believe I can fly”). I think it sums up his “American, but intimately familiar with russian culture” view of the show.

    Thanks, this was fun (the conversation, I mean)

  6. VB, you captured the ethos of this beautifully.   I did a piece about this and got a real hand slapping from someone involved in the show who claimed that they were trying to show the “plight of Eastern European immigrants in NYC.”  I said I hadn’t captured that pathos unless he meant the fact that they were still eating Salat Olivier, which of course is very much uphill work.  Let’s keep in touch on this one!!  Possibly Tweet the next one up?

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