I’m Here

I promise.  I was just on a mini-vacation (which I’ll blog about soon), and so now I’m catching up.  Mini-vacations tend to make me happy, so I have nothing to kvetch about.  However, there is an episode developing that will prove to be delightfully funny if all goes right and terribly horrible if all goes wrong, so stay tuned!

Do you have something to kvetch about?  Leave it in the comments.




2 thoughts on “I’m Here

  1. Why, thank you for opening the platform, darling!
    Here are my misgivings:
    1. Hubby is in Cypress, not even enjoying himself.
    2. I’m home alone, with 2 kids.
    3. There’s a stomach virus hanging around both kids. Can you spell “soiled diapers of doom”?
    I’d write more, but I’m too tired and hungry to think of any.

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