Friday Links

So, this week I’ve been pretty busy with my new job, grad school orientation, surviving earthquakes, and devouring The Magician King (more on that next week).  And this weekend I’m ready to fight for my life.  So you can imagine I don’t have too many links this go around.



  1. Going to the minaret of Jam by motorcycle
  2. What explains the remarkable rise of Greek yogurt?
  3. The efforts to get the Israel natural gas project off the ground
  4. Anne Hathaway is a class act
  5. ” The Defense Language Institute is where young men and women learn how to eavesdrop on the nation’s enemies, provided that the enemies speak slowly and limit their conversation to hobbies and the weather.”
  6. Old Russian periodicals online. OMGOMGGEEKTIME>
  7. Love this post a lot.
  8. I studied abroad in Africa tumblr
  9. I do, in fact, major in basket weaving!