Friday Links

Today is the first day of my mini-vacation before I start my new job and grad school in a couple of weeks.  What am I doing? Getting my nails done, shopping for jewelry, trying on furs, and running my Russian restaurant.  At least this is what I would be doing if I were a REAL RUSSIAN WOMAN.  Instead, I’m cleaning the house in preparation for my aunt coming from Russia this weekend, visiting my grandpa, and making soup.  EPIC LETDOWN.

And you?

And, Just because, this GIF is called “Rioting fail”

funny gifs


  1. How to figure out what to post online and what not to
  2. A visit to a spirit healer in Kazakhstan with photos
  3. Washing constantly with antibacterial soap actually makes you more sick
  4. This show makes me happy that we’re talking about maternity leave, but sad that it’s framed the way it is
  5. Speaking of women at work, women in IT
  6. Twitter friend @Marksofla is in Russia and taking lots of pictures. Jelliez.
  7. A new online magazine, this issue is about money
  8. Apps for obnoxious social media types
  9. Hiring a nanny: “I became a little bit more Republican today”
  10. Books about Yiddish
  11. Buenos Aires