Friday Links

Hooray for birthdays! (not just mine)

My birthday wish is, if you enjoy this blog and have the means to do so,  get on Kiva (like Vika, only not!), or, if you’re already on it, make a loan of, like, $25. Kiva is a charity that is not lame, does not take your money and turn it into administrative overhead payments, and you don’t just throw money at the problem, you help people start businesses. If not Kiva, then something else.  Read to a child.  Plant a tree.  Eat someone’s cookies because you’re looking out for their health.  And then come back in the comment section and tell me what you did so I can take credit for it.


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  6. A Harvard professor sane in the US is crazy in India
  7. Central Asia’s Karkalpakistan (and you just thought I made it up all this time didn’t you) is drying up
  8. The sketchy side of New York’s Chinatown
  9. Don’t quit your corporate job and move to Paris
  10. Ptrunk’s mailbag advice section
  11. International Watermelon Day
  12. I gotta confess, this thing is the only reason I got an iPad
  13. The tiger grandfather, master of the Eastern Europeans
  14. Baby vs. house: which comes with better stuff?
  16. Your 5k is not a journey.