The Russian Jersey Shore: No one is ready.

Edit: Ok, I give in.  I’m liveblogging it!  Come back here August 11 for fun. I’ll remind you, don’t worry. 

Are you guys ready for this? (via everyone I know who sent me this link. )

I don’t think I’m ready.


Should I liveblog it?







16 thoughts on “The Russian Jersey Shore: No one is ready.

  1. OF COURSE YOU SHOULD LIVEBLOG IT. A reality show documenting the lives of first generation Russian Americans with a title that means *ahem* escort? Preeeetty damn edgy. ;P

  2. I honestly thought this thing got canceled and the idea thrown away. When i found that out, i was simultaneously ecstatic and depressed. Now that I find out it’s actually happening, I’m again both simultaneously ecstatic and depressed.

  3. Absolutely, please liveblog for those of us without a television set. Also, the woman who’s behind this series is a friend of a friend (she’s from Chicago) … and everyone’s extatic about the whole “nice Russian-Jewish girl being famous”. Albeit she is going to be “famous” for utter crap, but whatevs, fame is fame anywhere ;-)

    1. Thanks, Jane! I hope it won’t be UTTER crap :) I think you’ll find it astonishingly relatable and very entertaining! 
      p.s. Vicki – big fan of your blog. Can’t wait to see what you think of ‘Russian Dolls’!

  4. YES, For the love of everything that is good in this world, YES! LIVE BLOG IT.
    Growing up as a little immigrant girl, I always wanted a Russian role model. Looks like I found one in Marina. Happy day.

  5. I’ve been really lazy lately, so I am catching up on my Google reader and just saw this.  OMG THERE IS A BRITISH JERSEY SHORE AND I AM EMBARRASSINGLY ADDICTED TO IT.  It is called Geordie Shore and it is filmed in Newcastle where I went to college.  I know exactly everywhere they go, and I’m 99% positive that their house is right behind the university library.  So Jersey Shore is taking over the world.  Sick, isn’t it?

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