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I don’t know, you  guys.  It’s been a long, hot summer and I’m kind of in a funk. Adjusting to Philly by ourselves. People in the family in the hospital.  It’s too hot for Nutella right now. House still doesn’t quite feel like home yet. My creepy lawn gnome stopped working for  a day.  No vacation in sight.  Suggestions for cheering up?  I need to look at this for a while or something.


  1. If you love your friends, tell them to switch to Gmail.
  2. The story of Marinka’s papa’s circumcision (no pictures, I promise)
  3. Sheryl Sandberg: icon for women, or just an example of privilege? Read the whole thing, it’s interesting.
  4. The difference between being single and in a relationship
  5. Ways to become a better writer
  6. Where I write” A green room in Gujarat
  7. Should you take a limo to your divorce? Yes.
  8. What IS a cooling center?
  9. J. Lo is getting divorced to stay relevant
  10. Oo! Did you know NPR now has a Books section?



8 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Suggestions for cheering up? I suggest binge drinking. It is a good idea because a) it is less time consuming than leisurely drinking and b) because the outcome is usually hilarious. If binge drinking is not your cup of tea, I advise hanging out with people who are worse off than you are.

  2. Thanks for the link on becoming a better writer. I’m participating in a Jewish short story writers workshop, where we read short stories and write some of our own for critique by the workshop participants. It’s been tough … but I think I’ve been so worried about producing something readable that I just wrote the whole thing in a dream. Glad I’m able to remember most of the details.

  3. Whenever I get in a funk, I watch bad horror flicks. Helps me remember that, yes, there are people who suck at life more than me.

    Or, I’ll listen to James Brown. That man can make anyone feel good.

  4. I like to rearrange furniture.  Instant new room.  Great feeling.  Also, play lots of loud classical music and feel superior for having good taste.  That’s good for a pick-me-up.  Or, just wait until it’s not so hideously hot, and then everyone will be happier.

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