Friday Links

I took a picture on my way to work today:

Also, what did we learn this week?  “Don’t be afraid to go for the eyes or the balls


  1. My visit to Waverly Hills Sanatorium for a paranomal investigation”
  2. Raising daughters is complicated.
  3. Did you know Isaac Newton was so badass? I did not. Warning: might make you cringe.
  4. A really cool video of Jerusalem in 1932 (Spoiler: There was a conflict then, too!)
  5. The second part of this post is kind of practical, but the first part is the part I really like.
  6. #RussianGirlProblems (Thanks, Anna!)
  7. “The Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” about IVF, is one of the best-written pieces about anything I’ve seen in a while (ok, maybe since last week’s Auslander)
  8. Obligatory RuJu link.
  9. Anarcho-feminism!
  10. Not one post, but the last couple about his impending Unnamed Offspring are good
  11. Did you know Mila Kunis is Jewish? I did, but I tell everyone all the time anyway.
  12. I am posting this because I still need to submit something to Lea (you do too, probably!) and this is my way of guilting myself into it.
  13. Hey, so d’you hear about that breastfeeding doll? Just kidding! Not linking to that because I want to live.