Friday Links

You know the drill.

Today’s bonus question: How long does it take to buy a bike?  A) If you are a normal person. B) If you are indecisive and cheap.


  1. Can’t tell whether this is real or just a nightmarish hallucination written up in a cocky manner.
  2. Feeling down in your job? Read some White House staffer salaries and feel smug in a cocky manner.
  3. How much does Rihanna pay for you to listen to S&M and hate her?
  4. Things I hate as well: Weather.
  5. This is a PDF, and it’s for the Kremlinologists.
  6. I like this post not only because I like design*sponge, but because I like knowing how stuff is made.
  7. Best name ever! (or worst.)
  8. Here is the worst problem you will ever have.
  9. Here is another really tough conundrum.
  10. I can relate.
  11. I thought we already established that New Jersey is terrible?
  12. On Moving, Part 2. It’s so…sob…moving.
  13. The Obama Town Hall: Bad Idea, or worst Idea ever?
  14. Great discussion in the comments. 
  15. Basset hounds are terrifying
  16. Alcohol!