Friday Links

P.S. Lea is asking for Soviet decor stories.  Do you have any?  I’m working on mine, I swear to God.

Not my house, but people REALLY get into July 4th in our ‘hood.

Extra-long links for the extra-long weekend!

  1. The title says it all. “Role-Playing with Martin Scorsese.
  2. Globalization.
  3. Why is everyone choosing Biblical names? Except, you know, Jews.
  4. Soviet War monument graffiti.
  5. Ah, the spinster book.
  6. The right way to make sure your kid grows up a mathlete.
  7. Meanwhile, at the Jersey shore.
  8. Excellent thoughts on the Tomorrow conference in Israel a couple weeks ago.
  9. Eyebrows of the Arab world.
  10. Hollywood or bust.
  11. Signs you don’t want that web project.
  12. Remember the lion dude? He lost because the lion was asleep.
  13. May I interest you in koibirth?
  14. Sometimes, I just like to watch my money burn.
  15. New Yorkers.
  16. Why bloggers are like sperm
  17. Guess the tennis player based on the grunt.
  18. Mine was Wanderlustwriter.
  19. Servicey!
  20. Your job is killing you.
  21. Alina Simone…going on my hitlist.
  22. This is long, but you will enjoy it.
  23. Why ladyblogs are bad for women.
  24. good question!
  25. Finishing off with Star Wars.
  26. Oh wait, more comics.
  27. Not to mention this one.
  28. Damn, that ATM fee sucks.
  29. Did I really just post 28 links?
  30. I’m sorry.