On Running Shoes and Revenge

I ran a 5k last week (Mr. B was still “recovering from illness”.) Because we haven’t run in over a month since we were busy with house stuff, this was the hardest race I’ve ever run, especially since the second half was uphill. Can you tell?


I barely managed to finish under 40 minutes, but that’s ok, because two things were in my favor: the free pretzels afterwards:


and the fact that I got a new pair of running shoes because I accidentally left my old ones out in the rain and they acquired a smell I can only imagine is imported directly from the public toilets in Moscow.

The thing about running shoes is that once you run a lot, you need special shoes, and a special person to tell you what kind of shoes you need.

Here’s what I learned about my running style after going to the running store:

  • I have VERY nice arches.  I should consider becoming an arch model.
  • I maybe should consider picking shoes by criteria other than “They look really hot.”
  • I run about 10 miles a week, which isn’t really that much and maybe I don’t need special running shoes.  Maybe I’m not even really a runner, like the shoe store dude is.
  • Shoe store dude runs, like, 50 miles a week.
  • I hate the shoe store dude.
  • I love my shoes.
  • Mostly because they are blue, not because they are actually comfortable.
  • I really hope the shoe store dude doesn’t see me running the 5k.
  • I can never go back to this store again.
  • But I have to, because Mr. B needs new running shoes, too.
  • I thought Mr. B was too sick to run?
  • Apparently being too sick to run doesn’t mean you can’t get bangin’ new shoes.
  • Time to register for the next 5k so Mr. B can start running again, too.
  • Preferably one that goes uphill both ways.
  • And one where the running store dude makes you look bad.
  • Because he not only finishes ahead of you, but does another lap, just for fun.
  • I wonder what kind of running shoes running store dude wears?
  • Those must be his secret.



9 thoughts on “On Running Shoes and Revenge

  1. I have “new” running shoes, too, & I put that in quotations because I obtained them in April of 2010 but have only run in them six or seven times. They’re sexy. But me running? Is not…

    1. How I make myself run is I tell myself I’m only going to run for a mile, or for five minutes. Five minutes in, I’m usually good enough to go to 10, etc. It’s a pain, I’m not gonna lie.

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