I hate everyone on Facebook

Mr. B and I are burnt out after a month of non-stop house doings culminating in a 35-person party that we planned and executed 80% by ourselves, which means we need a vacation.  We are also broke and sans vacation days, which means we can’t take one (or at least a good one. A good vacation is defined as any vacation where you get the hell out of America for at least a week. All-inclusives in Mexico do not count as getting the hell out of America.) And, and for the past week, we’ve been fighting a monster cold, which means we can’t see anyone locally because we’ll infect them.

The other reason we can’t see anyone locally is because 98% of our friends are on vacation.  But apparently not on vacation enough to not be on Facebook about it:

Which, ok.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it were only one person.

But everyone and their mom is somewhere awesome.

Needless to say, I am taking a vacation.

From Facebook.




23 thoughts on “I hate everyone on Facebook

  1. Whaaaaaat??? You do not approve of all-inclusive Mexico getaways? You are officially expelled from the Russian community of NE! Wait, how about Dominican? or Jamaica? may be Hawaii?
    I cannot believe you can be against American-style “sanatorii” and still consider yourself a Russian immigrant. Shame!
    *shaking head disapprovingly*.

    1. Banned! And it’s not even noon yet. I am all for all-inclusives, but they don’t work for us, because we get bored really easily unless we’re seeing something/hiking something/going to museums. We are totally pro Hawaii and in fact that’s where we were thinking of going until we got sick/broke/vacation-dayless. Our goal is to go to as many foreign countries as possible before we start going to all-inclusives, or at least as foreign as we can get.

      1. I wish we’d met you before we had our baby! We could never find a couple that likes sight seeing over a resort-style vacation. We went to the resort once with our best friends, and we were SOOOOOOO bored from lying on the beach all day that I though I’d be better off working. I know, it’s sad. I’d much rather go on a road trip (even within the US) than stay at a resort. The only exception to that is cruising, which we are considering for this fall (it is both cheap and exciting). Have you seen most of the US already? I’m assuming you have, since you’ve lived here for 2 decades :)

        1. I would totally go on a cruise if it was to someplace cool. The ones I’ve been on before were to, like, Cozumel Mexico which is kind of depressing. If it was to St. Maarten, that would be really interesting. We actually haven’t seen most of the US, which is kind of sad, but we just saw the West Coast/Vegas last year and this year and that was a lot of fun.

  2. I just moved and I’m studying for the Bar Exam, if that makes you feel any better. My idea of a vacation is a trip to Kroger for some Ben & Jerry’s. I feel your pain.

      1. Mildly annoyed = Cookie Dough. Hella-bad-day = Half Baked. =0) Feel better soon, Vicki! And enjoy that new house (and all of your hard work)!

  3. If it helps any, I got married on Friday and we aren’t even going on a honeymoon :-) At least not in the next few months, so no vacation pics from me 😀 You can like me again.

  4. I.totally.feel.your.pain.

    I especially loved over winter time when my sweet Facebook friends would post gloating comments about their weather in Maryland and needing a vacation from winter while I froze through my first Siberian winter… Errr, I mean midwest outside of Chicago winter. Never experienced a high of 10 degrees before! I thought I was going to drive back to MD just to go mental on some people because of their facebook comments.

    And I feel the same way about vacations. They must be at least one week outside of the US (mexico doesn’t count). Which means my last one was two years ago when I went to bury my Dziadek while pregnant. Nice.

  5. Your friends are too exotic and posh. May I suggest the Queen and the President? They are to busy to reign to have their feet nibbled on. Just mention you know me when you send friend request.

      1. That’s it. I am de friending them both. Because I just saw the Queen tweet she is at number 10 today. How dare she go 5 blocks down for tea and biscuits?!

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