I Apologize in Advance for this Video

Bill inspired me to make a vlog.

And oh what a vlog it is.

Some foreshadowing: Mr. B: “You sit down next to anyone, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, anyone, I will upstage them.”

The VeeLog from Vicki on Vimeo.
Leave your “What WAS that?” questions in the comment section.




21 thoughts on “I Apologize in Advance for this Video

  1. NICE! I haven’t even clicked “play”. I’m on a conference call (where I am paying lots of attention…reading blogs and all) and I am considering being like, “later ladies and dudes”, just to listen to this sooner.

    I’ll comment again after watching.

    1. Oh wow. This is probably my favorite thing on the internets right now. a few of my favorite highlights:

      “Google George Carlin’s ‘words you cannot say’. They’re all bad words. I said all of them.”

      “What have you done that’s jewish lately?”

      I’m thinking the second one should be a regular post.

      1. I’m thinking more about the “What have you done that’s jewish lately” idea. It could be an awesome meme to link up to that not only incorporates gentle self-reflective comedy and good-natured stereotyping, but also encourages people to get out and really jew it up. you know, get all hava nagila in the line for bagels, but then really reflect on what the song represents, and why it is that bagels and lox are so important to tradition.

        i think i just disallowed myself from joining you on the synagogue expedition.

  2. Also, don’t tell Mr. B I said so, coz, you know, I still want to be the cool Jewish woman he met once, but no synagogue will take him unless he gets a serious hair cut OR a facial hair control thingy. The Kippa will just look… strange.

    1. A: No idea. But he did watch a lot of Schwarzenegger movies dubbed into Russian when he was little so maybe it rubbed off.

  3. Awesome vee log! Me likee. I loved Dan’s “if you don’t bring the fun, I am not bringing me”. I tend to agree with him… I am prob also 5 years old, though. And as to the Jewish things that he’s done? bickering with your wife over random thoughts can topple the list!

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  5. So that’s 8 minutes and 33 seconds of my life I will never get back. Totally worth it. And then the comments are just one long awesome footnote.

    I’d like to also add that the entire time the words “What WAS that?” were staring up at me, I kept hearing it in my head in the voice of a certain toddler who’s just discovered this magical phrase. Which just gave the entire vlog experience an added layer of absurd.

    All this to say, more please. I have many more 8 minutes and 33 seconds to donate to this worthy cause.

    Hilarious and awesome!

  6. That was awesome! I totally got the “ANti Drug” talk. But I definitely (and so did my brother) get the “Don’t get (Anyone) Pregnant” talk. A. LOT. Alotalotalot. Yeah, I was the only one in my neighborhood who got married first. I think it was because I feared for my life.

    Anyway, I totally ditto Bill’s comment that it would be an awesome meme. Me not being Jewish, nor hubby, I don’t think we can participate BUT I’d read it! Or on the times when I cook a dish that is Jewish-Polish, I could. Right?

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