House Tour

Ok, enough with the bullshit.  Here’s the house. (as always, clicky for bigger pics).

I’m hoping that by posting these you won’t come stalk me or steal my $2 worth of IKEA furniture. If you do, Mr. B says he can wrestle you to the ground,  Bear Jew style. I personally am a very good biter.

Here’s the living room, before:

Here it is, now:

And from the other side:

Please note my bear, Luke, as the model stand-in for size and scale.  Since we are Russian, all of our furniture is required to be black leather by law. That chair is an anomaly mistake that we have to fix.  I am particularly proud of this vase situation, below. One more big one to round them out, and I will officially be insane.  Note the elegant mini vacuum cleaner adding a purple accent.

Also, we painted the walls.  Originally, they were the color of the trim.

Let’s investigate the most important part of the living room.  Yes it is, the alcohol corner:

Moving on. Le kitchen, side one: (orange paint decision, mine; ice cream mat decision, also mine. Orchid: gifted.)

Side two: (please ignore the White People food bag.) It’s white until we get a backsplash. Maybe silver.

Please note the most important part of the kitchen: ice cream bars, Everclear, and Belvedere.  The Belvedere was gifted by beautiful, beautiful human beings.

Moving on, the master bedroom, before:

And today, with Luke.  Lots to do here, still.

From the other side:

This should be the guest bedroom, but for now let’s just call it my parents’ bedroom:

My super-space age laundry room:

And the room where the magic happens, the office, painted with help from our friends:

As of today, we have :

So sorry if the descriptions are a little short.  We’ve only been here a month, and we are tired.

But not tired enough not to bite you.

And nowhere near done.