Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’m trying to decide on vanity plates for my new car.  The rules for Russians getting vanity plates are that you have to get something obnoxious that somehow incorporates Latin characters acting as Cyrillic characters.  The other options are to have your name, the city you are from (usually Odessa), or a Russian swear word.

If all else fails, just add a Russian license plate to your front grill to be completely obnoxious.  If it’s a European Union plate, double points.  Israeli plates?  Tripple points and the Real Russian Man of the year award.  Because nothing says “I Support Israel” like driving a Hummer fueled by Venezuelan and Saudi reserves in America.


Moscow in Russian spelled in Latin characters.

Suka=bitch.Both swear word and Latinized Cyrillic! Win!

OK, this isn't a real plate because it's too long, but if you use your name, you have to be either -chka or -enka or -usik. And 69. Always 69.

I’m going to try a different tack for one of my options.  I choose you!


And with that, here are the links:

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