Friday Links

  1. If you only read one link all month, make it this one.  But it’s long. Like, really long. (p.s. If you need to get around the NYT paywall, clicky here.)
  2. Judging a wine by its label.
  3. Emma Watson looked out of the window of Pembroke Hall onto the intersection of Angell and Prospect and watched the line of vintage jean-jacketed 20-year-olds blowing on their Americanos and clutching copies of To the Lighthouse and Of Grammatology.”
  4. Chinese censorship
  5. I had a fantastic Nigerian midwife. She entertained me with stories about Nigerian men. Of course, not straight away, but after I finally got my epidural and sucked on gas&air pipe, which gave me hope that I might live.”
  6. Yay Lea! Lea’s in the big time.
  7. Fact-checking at Cosmo.
  8. Some lake in Mongolia.
  9. ooo shiiiny.
  10. Blind item! Can you guess who it is?  “His dislike of Jews and especially of Zionists was egged on by Marsh’s Israel hatred, later encapsulated in a revolting letter to Marsh where he mocked the head of East London’s B’Nai B’rith Club.”
  11. The last picture is nice.