Friday Links

Well, somehow I’ve slacked all the way to Friday without writing a single decent post.

But you know who’s not slacking?  These spelling bee kids.  They’re vicious.  I remember when I was in the spelling bee in 8th grade, I made it through four rounds before I stopped studying the words. Because in Russian, everything is spelled pretty much as it sounds, so my parents didn’t beat me or encourage me to reach further.  Then, when I won $150 in savings bonds, they took it away for me to compound interest.  Then, I forgot about the savings bonds, which they still probably have. Now that they’re on vacation, I think I’ll break into their house and extract my revenge.  But the only person who will be getting his revenge is Mr. Inflation and Mr. Crappy Economy.

Someone needs to tell Dakota that it’s amazing he even placed fifth in a bee spelling in the native language of the country he was born in. (ignore the fact that all the other immigrant kids were also probably born in America.  This is poetic license, people.)  And tell him that he needs to start learning to spell OWNED. Because Sukana and Arvind totally O-W-N-E-D him.


  1. Did you know that some husbands are jerks and will not let their wives buy ANYTHING that is chic and beautiful for their new home?
  2. At least those wives can take comfort in the fact that they can curse out their husbands bilingually.
  3. And maybe withhold some sandwiches as punishment?
  4. And maybe Tweet in a funny way about them?
  5. The most well-read cities in America: Spoiler, it’s all DC.
  6. Speaking of reading, I’m currently reading this. Also this.
  7. Why?
  8. This is so beautiful and so true.
  9. Yuuuuum.
  10. Success?