Pics from Around the House

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be typing this from my iMac, which now has a temporary table. That I can put my camera on! And upload pictures! Praise Bahá’u’lláh.

Ok. Here we go.

Here’s a lawn gnome that my mom got me as a present.  Because I think lawn gnomes are creepy and I love them. And because she thinks that Mr. B and I are huge NERDS.  It’s not an inaccurate assessment, but it still stings.

Here’s my grandpa assessing our bedroom color. He didn’t have too many kind words for it, either.

Mr. B assuming his natural position in our empty, empty living room.

But then we got a couch! But the legs don’t fit, so we have to sit on it on the floor. It’s a hipster couch. Doesn’t matter. Mr. B will sit on the hipster couch.

Oh, and this is part of my kitchen.  Most finished room to date. And yes, I picked the orange color.

And I love it.  It’s better when there are lots of people, lots of food, and lots of pretty flowers in it.

Last, this is me and my friend Mr. Roller. By the end, we weren’t really friends anymore.

More pictures later, when I find the rest of my computer.




18 thoughts on “Pics from Around the House

  1. I protest! That green is not the least bit swamp-like!

    Your mom — who I take it is quite lovely in all other regards — totes deserves to sleep in the radon basement. Dearie me!

  2. wait, i’m not sure I get why it’s a hipster couch. hipsters don’t have legs? hipsters are covered in tight fitting leather? hipsters are soft and cushion-y? why isn’t mr. roller a hipster?

    I am not even totally sure what a hipster is.

    I’ve confused myself.

    In other news, the kitchen walls go well with the caviar.

    1. Hipsters like things that are uncomfortable but look good. Also, trendy and has never been done before. Give it three months. Legless couches will be all the rage.

    1. Also, I’m totally envious of your lack of clutter, if that helps. Just start calling yourself a minimalist and pretend the lack of furniture is on purpose.

      1. You do NOT want to see our office. All our clutter is there. We’ve thrown out 15% of stuff with each move, but still we have stuff. Stuff everywhere.

  3. Is that a Corning plate I see there? I love it. I have the colorful dots set, myself.
    Also – love the orange, and am sort of ok with the green. Lots of pictures on the wall, with wood-colored frames would do the trick for me.

    And last but not least – Mr. B is wearing socks with his shorts. Haha! nerds.

  4. I showed my mom the robot bell for my bike (which I did NOT buy but I do love) and she replied with the following sass:”You know that only HUGE NERDS have bells on their bikes, right?” Take solace. Your mom isn’t the only nerd-basher.

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