Friday Links

Mindy Kaling, writing about my life. Mindy Kaling, being awesome. Mindy Kaling, living in a small room in my mind.

More links and things.

  1. And then, after that, basically we just started eating gold and murdering homeless people.
  2. American trying to explain KVN, head explodes
  3. This recipe is tricky, but I managed to muddle through
  4. IT’S a warm evening in the summer of 2010. I am leaving a cafe in the very center of Moscow when I notice my car is missing its license plate. I know what this means: I am being followed.”
  5. Babies: As useful as IKEA furniture.
  6. Livable cities, again
  7. Dog hats made out of dog hair, on dogs.
  8. Roooolller Deeeerby.



6 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Just got around to reading the Friday links. Thanks so much for pointing me to Panyushkin’s piece in NYT. I totally missed it. Best part is the last paragraph: “In Russia today, journalists are murdered like Anna Politkovskaya, beaten like Oleg Kashin and intimidated like me, but — as terrible as this will sound — that is not the real problem. The real problem is that journalists are ignored. The risks they take in challenging Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchy have ceased to have meaning. One is valued only for telling a harmless story, an amusing anecdote that can exist, side by side, with ad space.” Here’s hoping he doesn’t get killed soon over this column.

      1. I don’t follow Kashin, but I occasionally read his LiveJouranl. I do follow a childhood friend who works for New Times, the opposition mag. @barabanch. He’s the politics editor & wrote all those stories about OMON & corruption. He’s got major cojones.

  2. I can’t stand being around my family. Ok, that’s not true. I’m over there all the time. But only because they have a fenced-in yard and a dog door and a swimming pool. My mom usually drunk dials me on a Sunday night if I didn’t go visit to ask me why at which point I tell her I’m moving to Portland to get away from her. I’m not sure if this is normal or just happens after four years at boarding school and four years away at college, both in a different country. At any rate, I can’t leave because I work for my dad (dammit!).

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