Friday Links


  1. In fact, hygiene took a bit of a nosedive in Western Europe at this point, a fact we can glean from the bathing habits of various royals. Queen Elizabeth I was considered a paragon of cleanliness because she insisted on bathing at least once a month.”
  2. Only the Breast represents just one facet of the emerging market in human milk. In an era when the benefits of breast milk are better understood and more scientifically certain than ever, demand for it has created a niche industry.”
  3. The article expresses hope that this could restore faith in humanity. Well, wouldn’t that be nice. But was faith in humanity ever lost?”
  4. So that’s why I was pissed. Look, I’m not trying to paint myself as some saint, but I’m just trying to honestly figure out why it is that a dedication to your family first and foremost is not only looked down on by other men, but it is also seen as a kind of weakness”
  5. How to be insufferably twee.
  6. Wait…we owe UK money?
  7. Winning” in Hollywood means not just power, money, and complimentary smoked-salmon pizza, but also that everyone around you fails just as you are peaking.”
  8. “”I have a photo of Tata with sausage!” I exclaimed.”
  9. Ah, there it is.
  10. How considerate.
  11. Meanwhile, in Israel.
  12. Fish pedicures in London are the hottest thing to have swept the city since the Royal Wedding.”
  13. Looky at this cool blog I found!
  14. Speaking of Turkmenistan…
  15. How do we feel about this movie?