Friday Links

This is what we come home to every day, in a variety of rooms:

So needless to say, I haven’t been up to writing lately. I wanted to write this really long post about how my dad came to help us paint last weekend, and one about The Tudors, which I started watching last night, and another one about  Israel’s Independence Day, and another about how we hung our mezuzah, but honestly, I am just exhausted every day and that last bit of energy goes to finding my Nutella.

So forgive the lack of posting lately.


  1. If anyone can wrest a fortune from Afghanistan’s rubble, it is this man, Ian Hannam.”
  2. After a week in Kabul, I traveled by van to the Bamiyan Valley, most famous, in recent history, for being the place where the Taliban blew up two giant stone Buddhas in 2001.
  3. Rob was having lunch with his wife, Lauren, and friends at California Pizza Kitchen, when his phone rang. After a short conversation, the SEAL with Naval Special Warfare Unit 2 immediately left the restaurant and didn’t see his wife again until he returned from a mission a few months later.”
  4. South Pacific villagers worship a mysterious American they call John Frum – believing he’ll one day shower their remote island with riches”
  5. AirBNB, which we’ve used before
  6. Betty Crocker for the digital age
  7. A republic of letters.
  8. They draw and cook.