Friday Links

I love flowers, so here are some flowers in my new kitchen. They are tulips from the white people store.  I love the late afternoon light in my kitchen. One day, Simba, I will show you all of our realm. Probably when we are unpacked more.


  1. Time to invade the Ukraine again.
  2. Finally! Mass-produced Mediterranean food! Not to mention, this.
  3. Jews in WWII (not what you think.)
  4. What’s the deal with fascinators?  I found out.
  5. Which books should a U.S. Senator read, part II.
  6. Life is imperfect
  7. Some old Jewish dudes.
  8. Guilt.
  9. The future has an ancient heart. (The future also didn’t major in English)
  10. What the fuuuuuuu?
  11. People are stupid.
  12. P-p-p-akistan!
  13. Whose house is cleaner?  Get out your microscopes.
  14. SWEDEN.