Friday Links

Hopefully in a couple hours, we will be homeowners.  If not, Monday will also be Link Day, only it will just be a list of links of liquor stores in the tristate area.


  1. Mmm mangoes and chicken.
  2. What makes a home, a home?
  3. The Phantom Tollbooth and childhood
  4. Everybody hates Raymond in Russia
  5. Las Vegas in Kazakhstan
  6. The best parts of the Bible
  7. Miiindyyyyy
  8. Fire safety in Israel
  9. TV in the dark ages
  10. A children’s book for all
  11. Oh, Ohio
  12. Best international relations reads
  13. Kyrgyzstan bazaar
  14. Annabelle, seriously.
  15. My imaginary bestie Elif
  16. Obligatory Russian Jewish link
  17. Malta
  18. Should every child be subject to ridicule?
  19. Why I read The Hairpin.