Friday Links

Mr. B and I are running our first 5k of the year this Sunday! Can’t wait. Did you know that it’s theoretically possible to outrun radon, if you’re running at the speed of light?


  1. Desk jobs around the world.
  2. Russian Fashion Week: Only for the brave
  3. What is this country coming to? No healthcare coverage for cats.
  4. Contentious=white people LOVE this.
  5. As soon as Leena and I drove away from the checkpoint, we had effectively left Lebanon and arrived somewhere else.”
  6. Email is not secure.
  7. “Although the technology necessary to build a bicycle has been around since ancient Egypt, bikes didn’t appear until the 19th century. The reason it took mankind 5,000 years to get the idea for the bicycle is that it was a bad idea.”
  8. You can only choose one.
  9. Obligatory Russian Jewish link
  10. Have an umbrella!
  11. Pro tips.
  12. Quitting during a recession.