Friday Links

Did you know that I am now part of a Blog Bloc?  It’s part of my effort to better organize the Russian/Jewish content on my site.  You can find a list of bloggers here and a badge if you are such a blogger and want one.  But don’t worry. I’ll still write about Nutella, how much my family is afraid of third world countries, and various girlcrushes, too.

By the way,

I am part of a Russian-American Professional group on LinkedIN. One of the recent discussions has been “Why is it SO difficult (in most cases) to do business with Russian-Americans?”  The answers to the question are hilarious, because it is mostly true that it is difficult to do business with Russian-Americans, especially if they are very recent immigrants.  Here’s part of the thread that I enjoyed:


  1. I want to go to this bookstore.
  2. Why aren’t they different heights?
  3. I found a lot of interesting people through this post, including this post.
  4. Some really lucky guy shows off his drawing skills and draws everywhere he’s travelled.
  5. Obama’s pillow fort, I mean secret tent.
  6. I used to do the exact same thing!
  7. “He prepared special magical attributes which included a vodka shot, an empty bottle, a glass of milk and an Estonian guy photo, which was supplied to him by his daughter.”
  8. Haters gonna hate.
  9. How to like food.
  10. Humus tiiiiiime.
  11. A message for Arab men.