Friday Links

It’s Friday once again, and this weekend is our home inspection.  I played with 4 (four) dogs yesterday. Two people I know had babies.

Also, I had this much miso soup yesterday:

Also, I saw this license plate:

It’s been a good week.


  1. Get it???  MOREL support. I am dying. (also, please I want 5 of these.)
  2. Stephanie started a new blog and it is awesome. And not only because I’m in it.
  3. Trying too hard, but at least still trying.
  4. A month before her husband would confess to the largest financial fraud in history, Ruth Alpern Madoff put on a silky black dress, fixed her frosted blonde hair, slipped on her eyeglasses, took her husband by the hand, and breezed into the Doubletree Inn in Fort Lee, New Jersey.”
  5. Exporting Everybody Loves Raymond.
  6. What your email address says about you.
  7. Moms are the best
  8. The good ol’ days
  9. Want to see
  10. Also want to see