Friday Links

Another week, another accidental drive through the most depressing (and maybe coolest) part of Philadelphia.

P.S. I am trying out having links open in a new window. Is it irritating or funsies?


  1. “My friends and I inhaled deeply as we walked. No diesel fumes here. No sewer stench. The air was clean and smelled of the cold beginning of spring in Central Asia. One member of our party sang little English folk songs as she walked.”
  2. The French gynecological experience is much different.”
  3. “I bought this little book in a charity shop a year or two ago, and for International Women’s Day (one hundredth centenary today!) I thought I’d share some of the more outrageous (or just amusing) remarks about women from the book, to show how far things have changed since then.”
  4. But, my lord, the hounds! There are dogs rendered in oil, ink, pencil, pastel. A statue of a dog playing the violin. Topiary dogs. Photos of a dog wearing a football helmet, a dog on skis, a dog held aloft by multicolored balloons. I kept expecting to spot a live Saint Bernard toting barrel kegs to and from the bar.”
  5. Central Asian autocrats, they seem to think, do it better.”
  6. “It seems like an unlikely alliance, but Moscow City Hall officials and the FSB’s Border Guards Service are teaming up to promote city tourism.”
  7. “Oh, and if you, for some bizarre reason, do not find my incredibly sexy Azeri male appealing enough”
  8. Like a figure in a medieval drama, the monk Irenaeus I has been cloistered for the last three years in a third-floor apartment in the compound of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate high above a narrow, bustling alleyway of Jerusalem’s Old City, unwilling or unable to leave.”
  9. Dan Rather is living a dream today,” says Joe Peyronnin, a former CBS News exec who worked with Rather for 14 years and served as president of Fox News during its launch. “He is doing what he wants, and he can cover any story.”
  10. I am starting to think (perhaps prematurely) ahead about adoption and all that would come with it.”
  11. “(i.e. “Jewish state? What Jewish state? I CAN’T HEAR YOU, LA LA LA LA LA!””)
  12. Two years ago the Hebrew Language Academy—New York City’s first Hebrew-language charter school—opened in Brooklyn to fierce opposition.”
  13. If we choose one thing over the other, are we still feminists?”