Friday Links

Here theyyyy arrre.


  1. I agree with this 110%. I have been editing resumes for about 3 years now, did 3 this week, and this advice is correct.
  2. One of the only times I wish I were single.
  3. The image on this post is NSFW, but the post is SFW, although kind of gross. But also very Jewish.
  4. I can’t help but wonder, did they fight on camera, too? But this is very, very cool.
  5. It is not too late for me.
  6. Whoops!
  7. The pig of happiness
  8. 100 people less lazy than me
  9. Glamor
  10. The opposite of glamor
  11. Secrets are fun
  12. Good idea, bad casting.
  13. Yes. But no.
  14. I feel bad ending a week with this link, but it’s a must, I think.