WEATHER UPDATE: Winter still wintering, being bleak

Let me set the scene for you.

6:58 in the morning. I am bleary and driving to work, listening to the radio:

It is slushing and a little bit sleeting because goddamn you already February:

, but not bad enough that I don’t feel comfortable driving.

The phone rings.  It’s my dad.  Frankly, I’m surprised he called so late, because usually he calls me at 6:15 am and then again at 6:32.

“Are you going to work today?”
“Yes, why?”
“It’s supposed to be freezing raining and sleeting.  It is here.  Don’t go to work.”
“It’s not that bad and I have to go to work.”
“Don’t forget, your mom got into a car accident in weather conditions EERILY SIMILAR to the ones now.”
“What do you think is more likely, me getting into a car accident because of one inch of freezing rain, or me getting into a car accident because you tend to call me when I’m driving to work?”
*long thoughtful pause*
“I’ll be ok, I promise.”
*Dad hangs up*

But I bet he’ll call me again at 5:45 when I’m driving home.