The Internet Tells You Things You Don’t Want to Know

The problem with being from a second-world country that is no longer in the news in a Big Way is that your narrative for your graduate school application in economics will never be as strong as someone who is also Google searching for help on their Statement of Purpose in Economics and turns out to be from Irbid, Jordan.  Or India.  India is practically on the Economist cover every week. Ho.

Luckily, I’m not competing with the visitor from Singapore for a spot in a mathematics program because everything those tiger moms tell you is true.  I once had an economics professor from Singapore and she told us in length about street canings that she witnessed, with a tone of regret. It’s hard to administer beatings to undergraduates in the United States.

The pressure is almost enough to make me cry and apply for a Master’s in Human Rights in Social Media or a PhD in Chocolate-Based Spreads.