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What’s better than reading my complaining on my blog?  How about reading it in an ebook? Put together by my Twitter friend Suzanne?  About Shabbat? Clickly clickly on the link to register and download the PDF, if you so desire.

I should probably mention that this piece was edited to exclude the fact that what I’ve eaten by accident on Yom Kippur was shrimp and the way I currently commemorate Shabbat is by listening to Shabbat music on my iPod while I am driving between Philly and DC on Friday nights.  Fortunately, these pieces of information were taken out in the final version to save me from myself.

Friday Links:

  1. If socialism is bad, why do the socialists have everything that is good and pure about life?
  2. This being the modern, technology-driven world, what we get in place of the above, if we choose to buy a Kindle, is convenience: no more bookstores; no more waiting for Amazon packages to arrive; no more dog ears; no more weight in our bags; no more bookmarks.”
  3. Yes. I’m in the 94%.
  4. How many dogs on a scale of 1 to 365 does it take to drive you crazy?
  5. A soft revolution.
  6. Reading Dostoyevsky.
  7. I wanted to write this post, but I’m too lazy and inarticulate.
  8. I don’t think they conducted research. I think they just colored stuff in.
  9. Mongolia!
  10. Linkbait. Or stupidity. You decide.
  11. This is linkbait, but just for me. Cause you know how I love old photos.
  12. Boca on the Black Sea
  13. I would like to read The Economist this way.
  14. Because it’s bad luck to have only 13 links, here is a 14th one.



6 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Astrid Lindren! You’ve touched my Swedish heart. “The children of noisy village” was a childhood favorite of mine.

    Of course, that particular socialist country also has 6 months of darkness and suicide, so they sort of balance out.

  2. Karlsson!!!!! So here’s a bit of trivia: Karlsson is not known in the United States because Astrid Lindgren hated the way Disney made the Pippi Longstocking movie and said her work would never be subjected to such treatment again. So all us Russians who grew up on Karlsson and talk about him on par with Pippi get weird looks. Max and I dressed up as Karlsson and Pippi a couple of Halloweens ago. He even had a propeller that spun around and a giant empty preserves jar. No one could guess who he was.

    1. I knew you would love the theme park. I was thinking of you when I found it :)

      So THAT’S why no one knows about Karlsson. My guess is that we are missing out on TONS of good international children’s literature today because Dinsey is a moneywhore of a company.

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