Friday Links

Nothing says “This Valentine’s Day, I love you and am glad I am spending the rest of my life with you”  like KATE SPADE. *cough*

Or, I guess, you could just send a free Valentine’s Day card.

Here we go:

  1. Remember my blog friend Mo that I linked to last week, that had lots of pictures of Egypt?  Well, this happened to him.
  2. I am going to sue this woman for being stupid.
  3. I hope everyone with an angsty Gen Y blog reads this.
  4. Israel in a single picture (and there are lots more in Tiviet’s photo stream)
  5. The 50 ways I can generate traffic to my site
  6. Aaaaaaaanggssst.
  7. What’s better, the blog post, or the comments?
  8. Iraq, firsthand
  9. Young Florida man loses sanity, all sense of reason
  10. OMG! It’s CJ Chivers!
  11. Tired of having your wedding be the same as everyone else’s?
  12. Street Google yourself!
  13. Tibet’s just trolling you
  14. Raging against the (computer) machine
  15. Do not click on this link if you don’t want to know where chicken nuggets come from.
  16. Edith just kills me every time with every post she writes. Batricia.
  17. I want a gift pony.
  18. Division of labor.