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I was debating on whether or not I should post this.  But, ok.  Here it is, the latest find from SKRUG: a car with a front European license plate (of course) that has a Russian flag and says “Yolka,” which means either fir tree (like the kind you have for your New Year tree) or a nickname of some sort. I can imagine some tall, skinny guy in the Russian mafia being like, “Yeah. They call me Yolka cause I’ve done so many needles. ”

Nothing says LOOKATMELOOKATME like this license plate+car combo.

So I looked at it.

P.S. If this is your car, I would like a ride.


  1. Been HANKering for a Henry Paulson action figure?  You’re in luck!
  2. Interesting website I hadn’t seen before.
  3. Starbucks straws really are that big.
  4. I actually also have this as a goal, and cannot get rid of any of them.
  5. Gym etiquette flow chart.
  6. How you will eventually divorce.
  7. The Most Emailed Article in the New York Times
  8. Are you a neat freak like us?
  9. Don’t you wish you could see this in person?
  10. The things you learn when you start with accents and end with sugar sandwiches. (P.S. Ai did not wrait in wiz ze question.)
  11. Holy crap people in Alaska are crazy.



2 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Vicki: I love the links you share, mostly because we inhabit such different reading universes (so it appears). But I have a reader gripe: could you please consider setting your links to open in a new tab instead of the same one? I sometimes don’t read the whole thing in one go and like to leave the tab open which means I have to go to your blog again in a new tab. [No, I don’t read your blog on RSS but I am dutiful about reading it.] Thanks.

    1. Shefaly,

      Thank you for the feedback! I’ll take a look and see if I can change some code. In the meantime, what I usually do is, if you have a mouse, set your scroll wheel to open links in a new tab.

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