The Winter Solstice is Over

As I was reminded, last week was the winter solstice. Not to get all Susan Miller on you, but this is important.


The ancient Slavs believed that this day contained the most heady darkness and that during this time evil spirits could easily cross over into our world.

I can believe it, because that day I had extreme trouble falling asleep. I was thinking about my 11-year-old car, Erica, and the fact that she is failing on me and that I will need to get a new one soon. I started feeling extremely sad and sentimental because this car has survived the entirety of college, trips back and forth from DC, and now loyally  takes me to work every day. I pictured Erica standing there in the lot, cold, alone, when I would trade her in for a new car, and I teared up. Then I started panicking because I didn’t have many pictures of her to remember her by . I tried to  remind myself to take some pictures when I got up because what if she just broke down in the middle of the road and I had to give her away without any visual memories?

Then, I thought back to all the cars my family had and how they symbolized a different stages in our lives.  Then, I thought back to the car accident Mr. B and I had been in in college and how the police officer said that if the point of impact between us and the tow truck was a couple inches to the right, I would probably have been dead.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I fell asleep. And had a nightmare about being in a slasher flick that I couldn’t get out of. So, those ancient Slavs. The bastards were onto something.

However, the passing of the solstice means that there is more sunlight ahead for the New Year, in many, many ways.

When the days are small and miserable and cold and the nights are nothing but an exercise in mental aerobics, I think back to all the things we did during the long, warm days of the year, and I am posting these pictures  in hopes that the long days come again soon.

And, who knows. Winter may have something for us yet. Winter’s not all bad. For example, this one, I took just last week:




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