Russian New Year Crib Notes

I’ve been at quite a few holiday parties over the past couple weeks (ok, two. I just wanted to sound socialetist) and every single time (since the majority of the people at the parties have been American) have had to explain how I’m Jewish and celebrate Haunkkah but at the same time, New Year’s is the really big holiday for me.  I wish I could just show them this blog post from last year explaining the whole Russian New Year situation.  Maybe I can make business cards about it?

Although my tree is somewhere deep in Mr. B’s mom’s basement and my New Year plans are uncertain as we speak, I’m still indulging in the New Year spirit through Youtube and through this picture, which I can’t take credit for at all. .




4 thoughts on “Russian New Year Crib Notes

  1. Just read last year’s post, and yes business cards are appropriate.
    But what is this ‘tree in a basement’ nonsense of which you speak? A yolochka must be real, no substitution allowed. Please rectify immediately.

  2. New Year’s is my second favorite holiday (after my birthday). It’s a must, and yes, every year, I’m stuck explaining to all of my coworkers that NYE is the biggie. My American friends know me well enough (and there are so few of them), that explanations aren’t really necessary any more. In fact, Sonya and I have hosted an NYE party every year for the past 5. So if you’ve got a yearning for a good party, come to Chicago — we always have room at the dinner table.

  3. We’ve got a good yearning and we might take you up on it, if we get our life packed into one city first. You guys are so awesome :)

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