Friday Links

Is it Friday for real? It seems like only yesterday it was July. Oh well.  I’ll just pretend.


  1. Persian pop sisters. Did you know Abjeez is slang for “too cool for school” in Farsi?
  2. Who stole this nook that I’ve wanted my entire life?
  3. Every city has an age/sex that has nothing to do with its demography.
  4. So this explains why people are always randomly just plucking my hair out. Well, hands off, ladies.  I’m endangered.
  5. Only about 10 million years late, I’ve discovered NYT’s Modern Love series and it’s really good.  Here are some of my favorites.
  6. 24 Hours series
  7. The care and feeding of tights. I always have a problem with this because I am lazy and toe-ey.
  8. Some people are so artistic.
  9. Can you trick yourself into happiness?
  10. Happy New Year (a little early)
  11. God bless America.
  12. Is it cheaper to be Jewish?  Yes because we are cheap.
  13. Bestest travel books evers. One of my fave recommends is this one, even though the author is a total asshole.
  14. Spousonomics. Nough said.