Friday Links

My secret shame (not Siddartha):

My secret links:

  1. STILL worried about what you are getting me for the holidays?
  2. My friend Matt said of this link, “This is why white people should not be allowed to  own property.”
  3. Illustrating the Hunting of the Snark!
  4. As I read this, Veuve Clicquot glass in hand, monocle on, and lounging on pure kangaroo leather, I laugh and laugh.
  5. The only good thing about Russia. Except St. Petersburg. Also shproti.
  6. Oh look. An Israeli novel that would be perfect for the Israeli novel reader on your gift list.
  7. What really gets me is the silver color, representing a bleak life of druggery.  Happy Birthday, Hannah! You’re going to iron.
  8. My God, it’s like Liz Coleville is just right inside my brain.  Right there.
  9. Meanwhile, in Russia.
  10. Basically this whole list of links is just a subtle ploy to get you to buy me things I don’t need.
  11. Data analysis is the future of journalism, which means if you became an English major because you, like me, hate integrals, we’re all screwed.
  12. “I’m prettier in Israel.”
  13. This article that I already sent out to everyone I know pretty much.
  14. I love this photo, simply titled “Girl with apples.”



13 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. re: no.13…When I first saw that article come up on Tablet, I immediately thought about you and meant to send you the link…but then realized that you probably found it waaaay before anyone else did! :-) Shabbat Shalom!

  2. Hi. I responded to your post on Tablet–I don’t think you should speak about the American Jewish community with authority, essentially since you checked yourself out of it.

    1. Hey Eli, thanks for your response. I responded on Tablet. Why do you assume that I’m checked out of the American Jewish community? Or that I’m speaking with authority (which I never claimed)? Careful how you use that assumption. You could poke your eye out with that thing!

  3. Vicki thanks so much for the link! And for your comment on the post itself — “yet the true ones don’t care and I feel prettier” is a lovely line. I told my husband “I always feel pretty with you, no matter where we are.” I think I’ll tell him that it’s because he’s my true one.

  4. PPS That Russia Google office? I want to go to there. No, I’m sorry – strike that. I want to live there. (Cotton candy whenever you want it?! Actually, just for a minute, imagine being the guy who’s job it is to run the cotton candy machine — “So, what do you do for a living?” “Well, you’ve heard of Google, right…?”)

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