2010 in Blog Posts

I just looked through my archives and realized I wrote some pretty great stuff in 2010. I even did the Photoshops!  But then it all somehow went wrong and by the end of the year I was an emo mess posting pictures of the full moon and Skype chats with Mr. B.  Here’s hoping 2011 finds us together again and that Mr. B brings the mojo I accidentally left behind in D.C. with him.

2011 is the year of the rabbit, which means it’s supposed to be much more relaxing than this year, which was the tiger.  I wish all of my (three?) blog readers health, love, and relaxation for next year.  We all need it before the apocalypse comes in 2012.

Here’s my year in blogging:

We attend a baby naming ceremony and are kind of called Nazis.
I talk about a teacher who inspired me.
We go horseback riding and I’m afraid I’m going to become a parapalegic.
This month’s feminist controversy!


I am still working on my novel. (And still am!)
You people take pity on me and shower me with advice.
I explain how cheap we are in infographics.
The Snowpocalypse causes the Soviet Union in DC.

This month’s feminist controversy!
Also, we face a really hard choice, the repercussions of which we are now experiencing.
I put a bunch of people on notice.
Also we almost go to India but not really.


We move, for the first but not last time in 2010.
My beloved cherry blossoms are blooming!
This month’s feminist controversy!


We go to California, for, like, 5 posts.
My aunt comes from Russia.
All the embassies in DC are open.


My favorite night of the summer happened.
I run my first 5k!
Hello, summer!


I almost die (not for the first time this year.)
I stop eating and this is news.
We went to New York on the hottest weekend of the year. Whoops.


We go bike riding with our parents: A world of pain.
This month’s controversy!
I turn 24 and receive birthday advice from a special guest.


Mr. B and I celebrate completing year 2 of our life sentence.
Y’all bail me out again with awesome advice.
And we are moving for the second time this year.

October, November, and December fell off a cliff. Here’s the summary: Whine, whine, Philadelphia, whine whine whine.

Whining about how Philly has no culture.
Whining about how Philly has no Russian culture.
Whining about how I can’t sleep.
Even more reasons I can’t sleep!
Whining about Philly traffic.
Whining about my gym.
oh, and a gift list.




12 thoughts on “2010 in Blog Posts

  1. I’m saving this one for a snowy night by the fireplace when I need hilarious reading material. Happy New Year to you as well! Love, happiness, lots of togetherness and a zillion babies … just joking!

  2. This was fantastic. Your tipping strategies in particular. Hope you have a wonderful New Year and I can’t wait to see what you have cooked up for 2011, (hint hint) but no pressure!
    PS SKRUG is not whining, SKRUG is GENIUS!

  3. Aw sweetie! I in no way feel that the blog fell off a cliff. I understand why you feel that way, but sometimes, whining is all we have. (Trust me, I know a little something about whining!) Life is tough right now, so that’s what you’re writing about. Unlike most (and everybody whines), you whine with panache, humor, and honesty — I’m glad you also do it in public.

    Here’s to a brand new year, with fewer cliffs, greater certainty, and more husbands in residence!

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