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Because I am fat and lazy and it’s post-Thanksgiving, we’re going to try some freestyle today, in the writing style of The Awl and the Hairpin.

I can’t believe this show exists:

I think this article is full of whine but I’m too lazy to write about why I think the author is really reaching and makes some wrong analogies and interprets some statistical findings incorrectly and uses journalistic hyperbole as linkbait.

Were you agonizing over what to get me for Hannukah or nondenominational New Year or the Orthodox Christmas?  Agonize no longer.

Haters gonna hate Nicki Minaj and feminists will try to see a feminism that isn’t there but I do enjoy the dress.

I am not embarrassed to admit that I’ve loved Subliminal since I heard him the first time on a 10:35 PM flight from Warsaw to Tel Aviv and had no clue what he was singing but I knew it was Hebrew rap so it must be awesome. Also he has a song where the chorus is, “Hip hop b’ivrit, it’s amazing.”

Are affluents really $100,000 and up? And do they really wear monocles?

Where can I get my hands on a copy of Hickey’s Bengal Gazette?

Where are these textbooks and can I get some along with the halucinogen sample that comes with them?

Do you love being cheap at TJMaxx as much as I do? You will love this sneak peek. Before I thought what they did was they had elves that made the clothes at subsidized prices.

This video is fantastic and it blew my mind, namely because of the switch-a-roo situation, but also because WHEN HAVE YOU EVER SEEN FILIPINOS AND SRI LANKANS TALKING TO EACH OTHER IN LEBANESE ARABIC?

There is economics in everything (evil laughter.)

Sexytimes in 1580something (surprisingly safe for work and/or English PhDs.)

But…but..but Thomas Friedman!





3 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Also, loved the TJ Maxx post, but I never spend more than $45 on a single piece of clothing, unless we’re talking shoes or coats that will last more than 2 years, so it cracked me up to hear her talking about a freaking SWEATER set that cost $399 as a great deal.

    Maybe she doesn’t live with a short person who hugs her with sticky fingers when she’s wearing her fancy clothes?

    1. Dude. You should see some of the other posts on Corporette. These ladies are balling so hard that $120 for a pair of shoes for them is a sale. And in one post they got defensive as hell when someone was like, “Coach is a real handbag,” and they’re all like, “no, it’s not. Chanel is the real deal.” It’s fun to go and see how high society lives once in a while by reading Corporette comments, and then going right back to Old Navy for my $17 sweater.

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