Friday Links

This picture will make sense in a minute (I know.)

So, an interesting story from the other night is that I thought someone had broken into the house.  It was about 2:45 A.M. and, being a light sleeper, I was woken by a kind of clanging noise that was either just outside of the garage or in the basement.  I forgot temporarily that I was not the only person in the house, that Mr. B’s mom was asleep across the hall, and my half-awake mind raced through the possibilities.

The burglar/rapist was downstairs, could be upstairs in a couple of minutes, and my door was unlocked and partly open.  But if I got up to lock the door, he would know where to find the people in the house.  What should I do?

The clanging sound, kind of like the sound of a garage door closing, happened again, twice.

Panicking, I remembered that I had eaten yogurt the night before, and that I left the spoon up in my room.  I rolled over slightly and picked up the spoon, clutching it.  I would scoop my attacker’s eyes out.

The next thing I knew, it was morning, and I was still asleep with a spoon in my hand.   I am not used to living in a townhome where you can hear the neighbors’ garage opening and closing.

Happy Friday!

From Internet:

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From Blogs:

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