Ever Since I Moved To Philly, It’s Like I’m an Adult or Something.

I didn’t have to do anything except go to museums in D.C.  But ever since I moved to Philly, it’s like real life found me and assaulted me. Over the past week, I’ve done the following:

And this list never ends.  Every time I cross something off, a subtask comes up. I would dump some of this stuff on Mr. B, but it’s kind of hard to plan Where Your Life Is Going over Skype, and because I am the more proactive of us (read: neurotic as hell), I decided to take control of the situation.

Besides, Mr. B is chilling in D.C. right now.  When he comes here, life is going to catch up to him as well, in the form of my to-do list for him, including resuming all of my responsibilities that I’m too lazy to do now:

I can’t wait until he’s as miserable as me.