Friday Links

This weekend, I’m going to DC for the Sanity Rally to see my two favorite Jews: Jon Stewart and Mr. B. Well, technically, Jon Stewart has to get in line behind Gluckel of Hameln, Hannah Szenes and Regina Spektor, but you know how these things go.

Here’s a picture of one of the Philadelphia murals near where I work that I took yesterday for Philly Photo Day:

On le blogs:

  1. Pink Jaffa Gate!
  2. I like this dress :)
  3. Moishelicious
  4. Cleaning up Jeddah
  5. The injustice of childhood

On la internets:

  1. Who says the Middle East is all religious?
  2. Ladies, freeze your ovaries.
  3. Nordstrom’s employee handbook
  4. Thank you Gori Girl for finding this blog!
  5. New ladyblog
  6. Y’all know Friday links is not complete without immigrant stuff
  7. I wish
  8. Cool blog I found when I was googling the name Zillow
  9. Can’t wait to read the entries for this one



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