Saturday in Alexandria

Mr. B and I live 10 minutes from downtown Alexandria and decided to go this weekend since the weather was so beautiful.  Everything was sun-dappled and the weather was trying to cling on to the last of summer like a middle-aged Californian housewife post-Botox to youth.

We had a nice chocolate breakfast:

And walked around the city for three or four hours.  Ever have those moments in life where you’re happy, but you can’t express how happy you are because it sounds stupid to be happy about warm weather, beautiful historic architecture, and being with someone who eats the majority of your dried mango slices, but who you love anyway?




10 thoughts on “Saturday in Alexandria

    1. Thanks for the helpful tips, Mom! Next time I feel like strolling Old Town Harrisburg, full of houses where diplomats live and full of farmer’s markets and art factories. oh wait…

    1. You’re required to carry these bags in Alexandria at all times. You get fined if you don’t. Only acceptable substitute is Trader Joe’s.

  1. GAH so jealous!
    Can I just say savor these childless moments, because it will really never be the same ever again. I know that sounds ominous, but I don’t mean it that way, I mean “just us” takes on a whole new meaning once there’s a kid in the mix.

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