Friday Links!

Since it’s a 3-day weekend and I probably won’t be thinking about the world economy or how ridiculous Putin is, and Mr. B is actually going to the U.S. open to see Novak this weekend,  here’s a comic. Links if you can get to the bottom!

From the blogs:

  1. Gubbi’s car dealership in the Emirates
  2. Wendi crowdsources her questions
  3. Rima is a Lithuanian superstar
  4. Should we get up for women?
  5. Lea on that Russian food we all know and love

From the Internet:

  1. Saving money on lunch at work (something I always struggle with since I’m lazy and love food)
  2. I’m still skeptical
  3. A pretty for you
  4. Kyrgysztan’s birthday
  5. The first step in anything, not just web design
  6. Should you do a PHd?
  7. One of my favorite pics of DC
  8. Husband home from Iraq
  9. Dress code at work