Please help me look less like Gaga and more like Coco

I am starting my new job in three weeks and I have nothing (new-job-worthy) to wear. I am looking for something business casual but with a formal slant.  Skirts and pants alike are welcome.  I would describe my personal style as “blue” and “on sale” and “OH MY GOD IT ALMOST FITS ME I’M BUYING IT.”   Also, I am short and I hate buying pants.  And skirts that fall above the knee.  Because nothing fits well.

Basically what I’m saying is that I need a personal stylist.

This is all I have in my closet right now (I have both black and white, but I can’t really wear the white one any more since, you know, after Labor Day, also I think it’s growing stalactites):

Help.  Which office fashion blogs should I read that are not Corporette because every outfut on there costs more than I spend per week on food?  Maybe something like this? Or this?

She hates me.


Books: O Jerusalem

I’ve been gushing about this one for the past couple weeks on various social media outlets because it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.  It’s really rare that I’m be sad when books end, the way I was when Jonathan Strange+Mr. Norrell ended, but this is one case where I was.

The book goes through, detail by detail, of the battle for Jerusalem during the war for Israel’s independence in 1948, from both the Israeli and the Arab perspective (both military and civilian), incorporating a freaking impressive range of historical evidence, interviews with hundreds of people (including the King of Jordan, homegirl Golda, Ben Gurion, and American, British, and French sources.) and mashes up each perspective in a way that’s not dry.  Each person interviewed is painted as a character that keeps the pages turning fast and furiously.



Friday Links

Tomorrow is my personal financial Waterloo- the National Book Festival. Pray for me.

I just got done reading O Jerusalem! which is one of the BEST books I’ve read in a long time and you should be reading it too if you’re at all interested in Israeli/Palestinian history, so I’m all in the  mood for some  pictures from 1948.

Haganah members in topology class. I could spend hours browsing the Life archives on Google.


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