I’m Trying to Stop Reading Blogs that Suck

source: some chick named Jan Vermeer

I’m in the process of unsubscribing from a bunch of blogs that I used to read because when I subscribed to them I thought it was cool to read those blogs.   I was a beginning blogger, and they appealed to me and I became wistful and awestruck at how many people were in their comment sections, how wonderful every paragraph they wrote was, how cute their stock photos were, and how they were whisked away to conferences and given blogger goodies.

But then a bad thing happened and I started writing like those bloggers and my writing style (as you probably noticed) became bland and formulaic. But then I realized I can’t do fake, cloying, and overly self-important. And then I discovered actual good bloggers who didn’t write by blogging templates or Copyblogger rules, who wrote about real life in a way that was interesting, who made me want to find out more about them.

I don’t want to read about Generation Y anymore, and I don’t want to read about how to make money from my blog.  I don’t want to read formulaic copy about why women should have Roth IRAs.

I want to read stuff that teaches me more about the world and that makes me feel like I’m a part of your life. I want to read bloggers whose writing is so good that it encourages me to work on my turn of phrase.   Most importantly, I want to read bloggers that don’t feel the need to try and impress me by being pretentious and specious and getting more blog hits.

I want to read about girls that voluntarily work in the Emirates, people that describe life in Israel in a style that is uniquely theirs, about doctors that are also mothers, and  people that make me laugh and wish I’d written what they wrote.

And I want to be a writer who inspires this kind of desire.




3 thoughts on “I’m Trying to Stop Reading Blogs that Suck

  1. YEA!!
    Good for you. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one fed up with bloggers that make money telling other bloggers how to blog.

    I basically stopped writing because I was tired of hearing about link bait, and keywords, and affiliate offers, and all this crap.

    Deleted all my RSS feeds. Now I only subscribe to things that actually interest me.

    Congrats on your revival and good luck.

  2. They’re very seductive, those sites. I’m constantly amazed at the proliferation of sites teaching people how to write, and especially the many, many posts on grammar that I, for one, learned both in school and through reading. Or just telling people to do things that are basic common sense.

    I know writing is more accessible than many other skills and professions and I don’t like being snotty about who is and isn’t allowed to write, but truly, if you need a formula about passive sentences in order to blog, perhaps you should find another outlet. (Not to say that we shouldn’t try to learn and improve our writing, but that there are other ways besides the online formula sites).

    It’s the same way that half the people involved in social media are just telling other people how to do social media. Can’t quite put my finger on an appropriate metaphor, but suffice to say, it’s an upside way to do things. Right up there with the “be yourself, but do it like this” mantra also so endemic in social media/blogging.

    Ok, ’nuff said. Thanks for letting me rant :)

  3. More and more I see that you are not just my kid any more but becoming an adult that I respect, a unique individual with real intelligence. You are on the right track and I hope it’d lead you where you want to be and let you be successful as well !

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