I’m reading…



(for anthropological analysis.)

Reviews for all three to come soon, after this insanity that is SAS Level II Programming stops taking over my life and I turn back rightside up.

I’ve been having a really hard time reviewing Super Sad True Love Story because it has so many dimensions and angles that I just can’t tackle it without sounding like I gushingly approve of everything Shteyngart wrote and sounding like every other review out there, from Slate, to NY Times, to Salon, etc.  However, this book is brilliant, ridiculously black-humor hilarious, and hits too close to home on too many fronts.

The Mongolia book is amazing.  I never knew much about Mongolia other than the fact that Mr. B teases me that I must be Mongol (because my dad has suspicion his side of the family actually is) and always telling me to go ride a horse.  There is so much history between Russia and China in Mongolia that it’s insane that this country, on the strategic border of both, never gets any notice in the news.  In two chapters, I learned more than I ever had about the crazy-ass people that tried to invade and rule Mongolia, as well as Mongolian religion and mentality. It’s more than just yurts, people.

The Nest.  Well.  I love reading the website because it’s full of married life-type advice from people in the know.  The magazine is amazing because it gives me insight into what advertisers think yuppies like (hint: cute, sleek teapots that cost $50) and how they are already preparing people that have been married for 1+ years for parenthood by telling them all the allergies they could possibly pass on to their child (panic now!)

Let’s see? How much does a baby really cost??  $30,000 a year, according to The Nest.  I mean, I guess if the baby lays golden eggs, sure.

More on all of this later.