Friday Links

Just in case you don’t think you’re possibly getting enough of me, I’m also on Tumblr sometimes.  It’s where I put all my random pics and stuff that doesn’t fit into blog posts.

From le blogs:

  1. Marinka on what is a normal conversation with her Mama.
  2. Neo reflects on lessons for his son garnered from mainstream media
  3. Stephanie on how to eat a horse
  4. Rick Aster on changing housing trends

From les internets:

  1. This is a joke.  No one lives like this outside of New York.
  2. Better book titles
  3. Eat, Pray, Leave
  4. Lil’ Wayne and the economics of doing time
  5. Corgi flop!
  6. Boyfriend criteria
  7. It’s that time again! Yiddish Pop!
  8. A book I am extremely interested in reading