Friday Links

Mr. B and I are, amazingly, not going anywhere this weekend.   I have no idea what to do with myself. :)

Do you remember this, guys?!


  1. Mazal tov, guys!!
  2. Mark on, does your name matter?
  3. Gubbi on America vs. the Emirates
  4. Petya on a lost Bulgaria


  1. One of these days, I will write about how much I hate the Gen Y genre of writing. Until then, there’s this.
  2. Condescending, but still interesting
  3. Afghani manga. I kid you not.
  4. Chale chalo!
  5. Have I told you before how much I hate Krugman?
  6. When this happened, I was in Ocean City, my parents glued to the screen, crying.
  7. Yalla ya Libnan!
  8. And, as always, Shalom Auslander